The Puerto Rican singer was at an event with an alliance on the ring finger of his left hand and, according to Angel De Brito joined the intimate ceremony was Jan. 3 in Puerto Rico. They, for now, keep quiet.

This is definitely an explosive love. René Pérez, leader of Calle 13, and Soledad Fandino secretly married. The rumor began circulating a clear signal: the singer was seen with a partnership at an event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In fact, on January 14 via his Twitter, the singer uploaded an image where you can see the ring on her left ring finger, growing suspicions about his new nuptial union.

EFE news agency confirmed the news gives through a source close to the singer. And as Angel De Brito sum ​​in his Twitter account, the private ceremony was Jan. 3 in the El Yunque rainforest, east of Puerto Rico.

Also, that day, the singer posted a photo of a new tattoo on his arm that made ​​his girlfriend with the phrase "we will never be younger than now," she retuiteó. However, they said nothing of marriage. But the absence of words, too many details here ...