After the confession of Nicole Neumann, Karina Olga did not want to fall behind. Details about the sex lives of a married woman and an analysis of the media.

Happily married, model Karina Jelinek became housekeeper in his apartment on Avenida Libertador where, dressed only in garter belt, hopes her husband Leonardo Fariña millionaire with the cutlets in the oven. The Bedroom Secrets, television projects and even a ping-pong show in an interview with People magazine.

"Leo likes spanked me in the queue until I coloraditos cheeks. It is not violent, but loves to cuddle and then put me cream. I also say things paws and sows. I'm so modest that it's hard to reproduce," begins Life Star Chekka agency.

After the honeymoon with the girl he met seven months ago in bowling Tequila Punta del Este, Jelinek accepted the offer on PM by Telefe, to make a reality in the style of Paris Hilton. "I have no fear of baring my privacy because I am transparent and I have nothing to hide," he explains.

However, once the projects discussed professional about sex back to the talk. "My husband has to pay me for the fantasy of making love, but still does not charge a dime. Like, I know that I am very face. Never really got paid for sex, although I had many indecent proposals, and even offered me a job a house, "he says.

Moreover, "some day we will shoot with my hubby, but will never find the video because it will be kept under lock and key."

Besides the issues of bed, Karina takes care of other household chores: "Do not think you clean or move the cloth make me angry, because I like my life lady. I love my husband. Although Leo I know a lot and I am learning with every passing day, I can tell you is a sweet, gentle and meets all the caprices me. "

"I like your face, tail and black legs when your walking barefoot, because you are going all the glamor. I love it. It is best if you do not have bad breath or when you wake up," Farina said during the interview, who dreams to enlarge the family: "We want to have a girl and two boys. We have thought of names. The girl Olga will be called Delfina and Italian men are named."

Perhaps for this to happen, they are already looking for a bigger house in which to live happily together: "We want to buy a bigger house in Barrio Parque. I'll be Mirtha neighbor, Susanna and the Tinayre" said enthusiasm .


- Marcelo Tinelli: I would make a memorial, but never work with him because I'm in another moment of my career.
- Susan: A mentor to me. I would like a program like it.
- Moria: I admire. It has good vibes and energy of a girl of 20.
- Alfano: Viva, cunning, but with a strange energy.
- Ricardo Fort: Conceited. Never work with him.
- Jorge Rial: Super smart. I have no fear, but respect.
- The Xipolitakis: They are terrible fighters, including up to devour. I'm not going.
- Cinthia Fernandez: Poor women and outrageous, but with an incredible lomazo.
- Jessica Cirio: No qualities. I do not see anything attractive.
- The Pombo: They're huge. I hate to do anything to win.
- Thomas Constatini: A Pombo. No merit to stand before the cameras. It's a mummy itself as Latin lover.