The life of Eva Duarte de Peron, "Evita" will return soon to the big screen but for the first time in an animated feature, sources confirmed the production of the film.

"Eve of Argentina," directed by journalist Maria Seoane, will also include excerpts of documentary material about the second wife of Argentine president three times Juan Domingo Peron, whose story was made into a movie several times in one embodied by Madonna.

This new work, which is already under production, "not only seeks to extol the work of Evita, an advocate for the rights of workers and women, but also to show from his childhood in Los Toldos (where he was born in 1919 ) to his painful death and subsequent outrage of his remains, "advance the film's producers, Azpeitia and Illusion Film Studios, in a statement.

Duarte, considered the most important female figure in the history of Argentina, died in 1952 at age 33, victim of cancer of the uterus.

After the overthrow of Perón, three years later, seized his corpse and buried him under a false name in a cemetery in Italy, where he rested until in 1971 it was restored to the former and then brought back to Argentina.

"Argentina's Eva" will cover the life of that "girl in Los Toldos, a bastard and despised, it will become that woman who won the unconditional love of its people, resulting in a macho society, hatred of powerful and unique in its brief existence, "advanced producers.

"This pattern of oppositions and contrasts, Rodolfo Walsh (writer and journalist kidnapped and murdered in 1977 by Argentina's military dictatorship) will follow in the footsteps of this woman giving birth to a quest full of puzzles and plots that reveal the true and achieve final story of 'Eve of Argentina,' "the statement concluded.