River won with Olympus and just wait for the result of the hurricane to see if you leave the promotion. The date ends to be played between now and tomorrow.
What in other times would have been a symptom of concern today is a source of relief for River. The millionaire took a tight win 1-0 to Olympus and far from feeling doubts about his game, quiet breathing with the chance to leave the promotion.

The home team had an acceptable first time justified the advantage. A goal by Paraguayan Roman modeled on that Boca had Maidment, put the 1-0 it could have been greater if Pavone had more accuracy and if there is no obvious penalty for López JJ.

In the second half things changed. Driven by the need, aurinegro went for and deserved the draw but Carrizo interrupted until the wind. The end capped with Bareiro was shouted as a goal and the final whistle brought relief.

Continues today with two games to date among which is the clash between Hurricane and Lanus. If the balloon p-BEI, River exceeded the average. Argentinos Jrs. Columbus receives the other party.