The easiest option for Ricky Martin would skip those countries that do not respect the rights of homosexuals of their tours without a second thought, however, he still dreams to act again in Russia, where there is a law that prohibits the dissemination of information on "non-traditional sexual relations" between menores- to show that is as normal as any other, regardless of their sexual orientation person.

"Now more than ever, is when I have to go to Russia and let you know that wonderful audience that has always been so warm to me that this is me," said the Puerto Rican idol in an interview with ABC newspaper, during which said that, thanks to its active presence on social networks, able to maintain a close relationship with its broad base of fans around the world, including his Iranian fans: "I love to go to Iran. Indeed, thanks to social networks I have much contact with Iranians. "

In memory of Ricky, the day he publicly acknowledged his homosexuality in 2010 has been recorded as one of the happiest of his life by the sense of freedom he felt, which explains why today works in search of standardization .

"The day I came out of the closet suddenly gained 80,000 Twitter followers. Since then, I live in a constant rush. I did it because I had to, because I had finally overcome this obsession we all have to be accepted by others. When I finally allowed myself to get rid of this obsession, I became a happier person. It is difficult to get to that point, but once you get it, you're free. It is wonderful, "recalled the singer in conversation with the portal Yahoo Music.