The news of the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman keep coming and all parties take their stance. Jorge Altamira, leader of the Labour Party and presidential candidate of the Left Front testified before various media in Argentina:

"The death of Nisman shows clearly the seriousness of this war service, where the national government is primarily responsible for what happened. It is clear that the prosecutor Nisman highly explosive information had agreed to government figures. The intelligence services play a key role in covering up the matter. This has been happening since attacking the embassy of Israel, which has never been investigated and only focused attention on what happened in the AMIA. Our party was the only one left in 1994 to Congress to demand answers. "

"Silence from the Executive, shows the political crisis shows clearly the matter, as the President has not yet convened a national chain. In this situation from the Workers Party demand the opening of the archives, investigate local officials who operate in this cover, in complicity with the services abroad. Only in this way you will be able to give clarity to the issue. "

Jorge Altamira who was on holiday in the province of Mendoza returned to the same requirements to build the press about the fact that have shocked the entire Argentine people.