The Argentina U20 debuted Wednesday with a win over Ecuador by 5-2 in the South American Group A category which is played entirely in the Uruguayan town of Colonia del Sacramento.

The goals set technically leading Humberto Grondona were converted in the first half by Giovanni Simeone twice, Angel Correa, and Facundo Tomás Martínez Monteseirín, while for Ecuador discounted Jose Cevallos, one in each half, the second criminal.

The party hinted what came on the first play, when between Angel Correa and Giovanni Simeone will snuggles on the goal defended by Edison Recalde a danger that five minutes would become the first goal of a long chain that would crimping seamless continuity to during those initial 45 minutes.

Argentina and began to show an offensive names voracity that was logical to have, but sometimes the effectiveness is not going hand in hand with the intentions, something did happen in this match.

So after 20 minutes Angel Correa, whom he was seen well after heart surgery which she underwent in the US (this was his first match after the intervention), he became the second goal and it was no surprise .

Nor was the discount, with inclusive goal, which scored two minutes later Jose Cevallos after a loss of central midfielder Lucio Compagnucci.

Is this Argentine team playing with a 3-3-1-3 has difficulties when attacked from the side, because neither Leonardo Rolon and Joaquín Ibáñez are flyers with recoil and Humberto Grondona did not take sides in Uruguay.

For this match, it was concealed because after 33 minutes Tomas Martinez scored the third, defender Facundo Monteseirín stretched differences at 40 and Simeone closed the first stage with his second goal in the 43rd.

The supplement was over and it was healthy for the albiceleste, considering that this event is played every 48 hours and lower the intensity for a full time is not common.

Is that Argentina will play the remaining matches of the group stage always at 19, starting next Friday against Paraguay, Peru will continue on Sunday, will have free time on Tuesday and closes on Thursday 22 with Bolivia.

This contest is played divided into two zones and the first three of each play a final round of four teams that will emerge from New Zealand to the World to be held in the second half of the year, while the first (if Brazil will be the second) a place for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 will win and who will escort you to a playoff against CONCACAF equally objective.

The final whistle registered a new error by center wheel Compagnucci, which made a criminal unnecessary to Kevin Mercado that Cevallos, son recalled goalkeeper senior team of his country, displaying his precise punch, he became the second Ecuadorian conquest, which eventually closed the meeting.


Argentina: Augusto Battle; Facundo Monteseirín, Emanuel Mammana and Facundo Cardozo; Leonardo Rolon, Lucio Compagnucci and Joaquín Ibáñez; Tomás Martínez; Cristian Espinoza, Giovanni Simeone and Angel Correa. DT: Humberto Grondona.

Ecuador: Edison Recalde; Gabriel Corozo, Luis Cangá, Rony Santos and Aníbal Chalá; Jose Cevallos and Alfredo Intriago; Gabriel Cortez, Roberth Burbano and Kevin Mercado; Miguel Parrales. DT: Sixto Vizuete.

Goals for the first time: 5m. and 43m. Simeone (A), 20m. Correa (A), 22m. Cevallos (E), 33m. Martínez (A) and 40m. Monteseirín (A).

Goal in the second half: 40m. Cevallos (E), criminal.

Changes in the second half: Beginning Nicholas Tripichio by Rolon (A), 9m. Driussi Sebastian Correa (A), 21m Rodrigo Contreras by Simeone (A), 22m. Jairo Velez by Cortez (E) and 34m. By Jonathan Parrales Betancourt (E).

Referee: Ricardo Márquez (Brazil).

Tennis: Professor Alberto Suppicci Stadium (Club Plaza Colonia, Uruguay).