A 23-year-old addicted to drugs and alcohol, held for four hours at one of his cousins ​​and the young son of the latter, because they didnt let him take wine.

In a tremendous event that occurred yesterda in the locality of Platanos, in Berazategui (Buenos Aires, Argentina), a young man of 23, who is said to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, remained hostage to one of her cousins ​​and little's son, because his family did not allow him to drink wine.

The brutal ordeal, which occurred within a dwelling, lasted four hours,  in which the individual was threatening to behead those who were captive.

Finally, a special police group known as "Hawk Group" entered the house, reduced by force the aggressor and released unharmed to the frightened victims.

The spokesman revealed that the events began at 3.10's Eve on a farm located at the intersection of 38 and 156, when the subject, named José Antonio held a heated brawl with their families, because they refuse to let him keep consuming wine due his addiction to the higher intake of alcohol.

It was learned that the subject suddenly, in an act of violence, forcibly took her mother to the village housing.

Later the man locked the front door with a table and a chair, then grab a cleaver, provided with a sheet 22 inches long, with which intimidated one of his cousins​​, identified as Rocio Florence Toledo, of 25, who at that time was accompanied by her son, three.

Minutes later the staff of the police station and the 1st District Headquarters Berazategui arrived at the scene of the drama, and supported by members of the Falcon Group, they surrounded the home. Seeing uniformed, José Antonio took the hostages to a room located in the rear of the property.

The man locked the door with a bed and did not hesitate to threaten that if the police entered the place, would slay women and the innocent creature.

For this reason, the Buenos Aires Police negotiators spoke with José Antonio, with the intention to release the hostages. The hellish ordeal lasted until 7.10, when public servants decided to break into the house because the attacker was determined not to surrender.

Quickly, members of the elite gained entry through a window to the room occurred at 16.10 when the occupants of a police patrolman 5th of Lomas de Zamora attempted to identify three subjects in Defense and October 1. Seeing the inside of which were the subject and victims.

The police dropped the boy while they rescued
young and small. Officials also seized a sharp knife with which to kill the man thought Dew and nenito.


The horrendous episode caused huge consternation among the inhabitants of the humble neighborhood, located in the southern provincial suburbs. Part in the trial Dr. Silvia Borrone, Berazategui prosecutor in turn, dependent on the judicial department of Quilmes.