Former Secretary of Energy, Jorge Lapeña, said "this is a pilot project and did not think that through the sum of the Argentina pilot projects to develop its unconventional resources." He said "can be auspicious YPF and Chevron are able to make an agreement to explore and exploit a small area of the global zone Vaca Muerta and that you probably project, if successful, will give us the measurements of the important natural resources owned by the country ".

By Fernando Nolé

Former Energy Secretary Jorge Lapeña, estimated requirements ten years to regain self-sufficiency and become net exporters of energy. The agreement with Chevron is crucial: it will determine whether Argentina can play in the first division of the oil market, warns in an interview with this newspaper holder of the Argentine Institute of General Mosconi Energy.

-¿Lapeña What is your opinion about the agreement between YPF and Chevron?

This is a pilot agreement. In that sense, I think it might be auspicious YPF and Chevron are able to make an agreement to explore and exploit a small area of the overall area of Vaca Muerta and that project you probably, if successful, will give us the measurements of the important natural resources owned the country. That is, in some way could serve as a test of fitness or ability to play Argentina in the big leagues of hydrocarbon production.

What details they called his attention?

Well, I must say that the agreement itself is not known because YPF has handled secretly, with the understanding that two companies, YPF, and Chevron are two private companies.

'And this is so?

If this is so good, it's two private companies, public limited companies, besides the fact that the state has expropriated YPF for a public utility. So this idea of secrecy between parties that might be understandable when it comes to two private companies, such as Plus or Total Petrol and Flanges, well, in this case should have been given some further information.

-Coincide With some of his colleagues that this was a forced negotiation by the need to close something for YPF. I do not know if you remember that there were negotiations with other companies.

Well, rumors about alleged negotiations with several foreign oil YPF met, but this was not the product of a valid, real information. We do not know if YPF citizens was rejected by other companies. But this is a consequence of the wrong way with the expropriation of YPF was handled.

'What do you mean?

-Fijese YPF was expropriated for a public purpose by a law of Congress, ever the company was assessed and was never compensated the expropriated Repsol in this case, with the right price. This transformed the expropriation of YPF in a kind of seizure, which is absolutely prohibited by the Constitution. This fact pseudoconfiscación confiscation or has made ​​the current YPF is subject to multiple international disputes, protests, it also tends to slow down the Argentinean oil development.

'You think that has changed the official story about the oil industry?

-Pareciera Discourse is changing but if you analyze in depth will see that there is another speech. What is changing is the actual procedure, and the signing of this agreement would seem that there is a difference with the speech of Mr. (Axel) Kicillof a year ago and everything written a year ago, when the company was expropriated . But is not there a speech that changed the previous. Nor is there a speech by the President (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) have changed, then I think the procedure is what remains of adjustment. There are even some funny situations, used to be called "Out Repsol and foreign capital" and finally an agreement with a major US company closes. So, that sounds ridiculous.

And what role should stick to this Enarsa, which was created almost ten years ago?

'The company Enarsa was one of the worst creations of this Government. Oil Enarsa performance is disastrous. It has failed to meet one liter of oil, which causes laughter.

You fulfill?
Chevron -¿Para you will better fulfill their role performance that took Repsol?

Look what Chevron is doing here is an agreement only to 20 square kilometers that can carry 390 square kilometers, compared with an area of ​​12,000 square kilometers. So it's not comparable. I mean this is a pilot project and did not think that through the sum of the Argentina pilot projects to develop its unconventional resources. I think a new sector policy, complete with new laws, not this methodology signing of agreements, to parts needed. I think then that this serves a specifically political project. So if YPF has crossed his mind the idea that many projects that can solve the energy problem Argentine has an absolutely wrong idea.

'Another issue, how much time is needed to reverse the current energy picture?

Well, look, I would say 10 years and as long as we get it right. If we do things that we have done in the period 2003-2013, ie, as at today, we'll never get out. Instead, it will be getting worse. Every time we import more and more energy and produce less, so this does not lead to complicated situation.

-¿La Oil and gas situation is more serious than electricity?

'The two sectors have a serious scene. The oil and gas may be more acute because ultimately 88% of all the energy we consume is generated by oil and gas. That is, the power plants are a set of machines that use gas to produce electricity. Then, when the problem of oil and gas is, has the problem throughout the energy sector.

-¿Le Concerned about the outlook for the electric companies?

-The electric companies are practically broken due to the wrong policies of the sector since 2003, which consisted of freeze tary irresponsibly.

How can one be solving the tariff issue?

'The tariff situation is very serious and this should be corrected gradually but firmly and then the Argentine who is able to pay for the energy produced what this costs. Energy subsidies is being bankrupted companies and greatly complicating the country, by the interference of this on the national budget.

What should be done with subsidies?

We ought to restate and to direct those resources far more important social purposes such as subsidizing affordable housing, organizing infrastructure that have not been done and they are neglected, making the underground railroad Sarmiento, make a network more efficient in order to name some works subways. All this requires public funds, now if we spend public funds subsidizing energy irresponsibly, well Argentina will not solve their biggest problems.

How the trade balance observed in the energy sector?

'The situation is bad and that will continue, because Notice that energy imports have risen 23% in the first half compared to last year and exports have fallen 19%. The trade balance is unfavorable and this picture changes should modify energy policy, make things right, which carry a 10-year period