The UN released a report highlighting the select group of countries, which is part of Argentina, where women develop into better living conditions than men.

The Human Development Report of the UN measures inequality between people. In their study, the  HDI Gender Development (IDHG), shows the disparities between men and women based on three areas: health, education and income.

The paper argues that among the 148 countries surveyed, only 16 "the values ​​of the level of human development for women are equal or superior to those of men." Argentina is one of them.

Argentina, Barbados, Belarus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and Uruguay are the countries that favor the development of women.

In the same research highlights that "in some of these countries, this is attributed to higher educational attainment of women, in others, life expectation is significantly higher for women (at least more than five years)."

In Argentina, it is stressed that "57 percent of adult women have reached a secondary or higher level of education compared to 54.9 percent of men."

In this country also women have a longer life expectancy and better educated than men, however their capita national income is substantially less.

Life expectancy at birth in Argentina, according to the statistical annex of the Global Human Development Report 201, in men is 72.6 years; while in women it is 79.9 years.