The lawyer and his beautiful girlfriend enjoyed a passionate stay Caras Island, where they told their details (explosive) couple

Fernando (49) and Barbara Franco (23) exceeded the hardest since they began their romance test two years ago. It happened a month ago, when the criminal lawyer suffered poisoning from eating bad sushi and ended up hospitalized in intensive care hospital Mater Dei.

At this difficult time in which he lived, Mocking had the unconditional support of his girlfriend, "Barby saved my life. Was key because it decided to take me to the Mater Dei at the right time, "he told Caras magazine.

Teasing and plans for the couple. "Let's go Europe to France, Germany, Holland ... I carry Barby Bruges, Belgium and Prague and Vienna Let's get to Egypt, Israel and Jordan."

Just days before admission, the couple had lived a mini vacation on the island of the magazine, in Angra dos Reis, Brazil. There, Fernando and Barbara fell happy, wearing their sculptural figures.

With his health in good shape and going through a great moment of a couple, the lawyer recalled those days of relax: "Where we go with the Barby had fun. We share a life with a lot of sports. In Angra waking did running together. Also rode jet ski, boat and kayak in the afternoon, we all turned out great. It is a very romantic island. "

What are the next steps Fernando and model? "We're going to Europe to tour France, Germany, Holland ... I want to take Barby Bruges, Belgium and Prague and Vienna. Let's get to Egypt, Israel and Jordan, "promised the criminal, who again spoke of his intentions to commit to his girlfriend. After several "fakes" on dates, finally in December this year will be a big party where the couple sealed their desire to go through the Registry.