A passage from Buenos Aires who had been baptized as "April 2nd 1982 " in memory of the beginning of the war against the United Kingdom over the sovereignty of the Malvinas (Falkland Islands), again called " England ", according to the local press.

The passage is located in the neighborhood of Agronomy, and was originally called "England" but was changed to "April 2" during the war of 1982.

The name change occurred on Wednesday , but the angle with the new poster was already broken, according to sources cited by the communal digital version of the newspaper La Nacion, Buenos Aires.

The official name of the passage, two blocks long , is " England " because it was never modified by law despite the change in 1982.

The local residents demonstrated against the new name change through social networks, where they described the Government of Buenos Aires as "sepoy" and "traitors"

Communal sources quoted by the newspaper claimed Friday that a sign will be placed under the name " April 2, 1982 ."