The prosecutor in the case of the attack on the AMIA , Alberto Nisman said today that Require former Israeli ambassador to Buenos Aires , Itzhak Aviran , an explanation for his statements about his country eliminated " the vast majority of offenders " for the attack on the Jewish center in 1994.

" I am surprised by these claims. 've Ordered a witness statement . I wonder how he has , who are these people and what evidence would have ," said Nisman told the Todo Noticias channel .

Nisman said he wants to " hear Aviran and tell how it has and who these people who theoretically have sent to another world and that would be primarily responsible for the attack are" . " What he is saying is that are identified by full name the perpetrators ," he said .

Also, the prosecutor explained that "these procedures are carried as much speed, is the Foreign Ministry itself which quotes , making intervention a judge in Israel, who makes the statement based on our questions , which can not take more than a month or month and a half . "

Yesterday, in an interview with the Jewish News Agency (AJN ), the former ambassador of Israel
Itzhak Aviran in Argentina revealed that " the vast majority of perpetrators " of the attack on the embassy (1992 ) and the Israeli mutual AMIA (1994) in Buenos Aires , he was killed by Israel.

He also criticized the current Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman , for making "anti- Israeli and anti - Jewish things."

"The vast majority of offenders is already in the other world , and that we did ," he said when questioned about Aviran impunity hanging over the bomb attacks perpetrated in March 1992 against the Israeli Embassy , which left 29 killed and 200 wounded in July 1994 against mutual AMIA , which left 85 dead and 300 wounded.

The former diplomat 's claims would mean an operation of the Israeli secret services like organized against Palestinian terrorists who murdered eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 , but denied by the state of Israel.

" They knew who the perpetrators were the Embassy , and they did the second time. Then came the struggle with the Argentine government to find the culprits , we know who they were and the vast majority is already in another world " Aviran insisted .

The former ambassador criticized the memorandum signed by Argentina and Iran to try to clarify the attack , calling it a "farce " , while there are eight former Iranian officials accused by Argentina justice , including former Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi , the former President Ali Rafsanjani (1989-1997) and the Iranian cultural exconsejero in Argentina Mohsen Rabbani .

"Most important , he added, is that, after so many years , since Israel 'm listening to ( Hector) Timerman , the famous Argentine Foreign Minister wants to make a commitment to find the culprits of the attacks with the Iranians, who were the main responsible for them . "

" Timerman has a very troubled history with us (Israelis ) before his father ( James ) , who saved ( the last dictatorship in Argentina in exchange ) only received insults him , and then the son, who does these things , that are anti -Israel and anti -Jewish , "complained vehemently.

Aviran from his country charged with several Argentine presidents stating that "neither (Carlos) Menem, and (Fernando ) de la Rua , and those who came after did something to clarify what happened ."

"While I am in no position to ask something to the Argentine government , we still need an answer for everything that happened," he claimed .

Aviran was the ambassador of Israel in Argentina between 1993 and 2000 , and was two blocks from the AMIA on July 18, 1994 , the day of the attack , which this year marks
two decades.