Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes announced that Argentina asked to review the multimillion debt for construction and maintenance of hydroelectric Yacyretá that Argentina claimed her.

The Bank Binancional Yacyretá ( EBY) , formed by the governments of Argentina and Paraguay , accumulated a debt of at least 15,840 million due to its loss management in the nearly 40 years of combined administration.

Of those 15,840 million , an entity 93 percent (about 14.731 million ) to the government of Argentina (who had to put that money to over the years to work Yacyretá ) and other banks, financial institutions international level and suppliers.

This emerges from a report prepared in 2009 for the Paraguayan Congress for binational entity that manages the dam itself , which gives the Argentina 20 percent of the country 's energy demand to meet your need .

The Argentine government complains to Paraguay , meanwhile, about 9,000 million dollars, which in November 2013 generated a short circuit management Cartes , holding that does not have the resources to meet that liability .

Cartes management maintains the position that the debt is not Yaciretá Paraguay , but the joint dam , and this poses a payment scheme which produces the same company as a possible solution .

But now John Schmalko , Paraguayan hydroelectric director , admitted to the international press that each year the financial burden of the debt of the binational entity up 1,000 million, while its energy production alone is worth 900 million.

Schmalko said in recent statements that the debt on the basis only of the capital contributed by Argentina and not the interest , would be about 6,000 million.

This situation become unsustainable stance Paraguay that is EBY itself that pay their debt , as if the entity were a private company would be bankrupt today if not for the contribution of governments to keep it running.

Cartes debt not only unknown but last Saturday said it is working with Smalcko to Paraguay that raises funds for energy production Yaciretá dumps are social policies in their country.

" That we are working , I can assure you , I am talking with director Johnny Smalcko . Resources Yaciretá must overturn the social side to the people," said the president of Paraguay to participate in the 35th edition of the Festival Missionary tradition, in the square Fulgencio Yegros .

Not the first time Paraguay wants to move to clean the books , but this time it has a deadline , March 27 , when met 40 years after the entry into force of the treaty between the two sides , which requires a review the terms on that date.

The debt interest arising spending did Argentina in the works, started in 1983 , a decade after the signing of the treaty, and stops without completion, in 1998 , so its turbines only reached the potential foreseen in 2011 after the resumption of work in recent years .

Paraguay , which contributed to the construction with 80 percent of the flooded land uses such delays as an argument in favor of at least one workout .