Pope Francisco devoted his Christmas message to remind that "wars destroy lives and cause suffering" and a prayer listed the places on earth where conflict to peace comes there.

 The Holy Father, leaning on the balcony of the central Loggia of St. Peter's Basilica for the traditional blessing "Utbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) reminded "children are the most vulnerable victims of war "but also urged to think" in the elderly, battered women and the sick. "...

 Francis begged God to grant peace to the places on the planet plagued by violence as Syria, Iraq , Central African Republic and the Holy Land , among others. In the St. Peter's Square , attended by thousands of people , the Pope began citing the conflict in Syria " that has destroyed so many lives " and generated " hatred and revenge ."

 Francisco also recalled the Central African Republic , "often forgotten by men," and asked the Lord to " peaceful and also in that land, tormented by a spiral of violence and misery, where many people lack shelter, water and food without the bare minimum to live. "

"What concord is entrenched in South Sudan - pleaded where current tensions have led to casualties and threaten peaceful coexistence of this young state." The first Latin American pope pleaded to "convert the heart of violent , wherever they are , to lay down their arms and take the path of dialogue. Ensures Nigeria, torn by ongoing violence that do not respect the innocent and defenseless "

He also appealed for peace to come to the Holy Land , where he is expected to travel next year. " Bless the land he chose to come into the world , and have come to a successful conclusion of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians," he said.

 Do not forget to Iraq , and called for " heal the wounds of the beloved land still plagued by frequent attacks." " Protect those who suffer persecution because of your name. Encourages and comforts the displaced and refugees, especially in the Horn of Africa and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo ," was another pontiff pleas . The Supreme Pontiff , who chose the island of Lampedusa as his first trip in Italy, asked God " that migrants , seeking a decent life, find acceptance and support ." "Never again will we attend to tragedies like we've seen this year , with many dead in Lampedusa ," he added .

 Had a thought also for " the children abducted , killed and wounded in armed conflict , and on which they are forced to become soldiers , robbing them of their childhood." And in this Christmas prayer , recalled how "greed and selfishness of men indiscriminately exploited " the planet and called for " protection " for those who have suffered from natural disasters, such as the Filipino people hit by the typhoon. In his first speech on Christmas Day as Pope , he stressed the need for dialogue and solidarity between people. While reading the message , removed some of the text ready to call " unbelievers who also want peace " to join "in prayers or good wishes " to ensure an end to war and violence.