At age 7 she began studying singing, dancing and acting. Her first appearance in the entertainment world was in the child cycle "Ginzburg And Kids" where she worked as a dancer.

The next step was acting in "Peter Pan, Everyone Can Fly" from Cie theater company, playing the dual role of "Lost Child" and "Wendy".

Shortly after she received the revelation at Children Singing Festival Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina, traveled to Mexico to represent Argentina in the children's musical reality "FAME International Code". Subsequently participated in a tribute to Roberto Gómez Bolaños and presented as guest singer on the show Sabado Gigante in Miami.

Her first television appearances were relevant to sing in Argentina entertainment program "Showmatch", hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, in which Laura began to live with rating peaks that were associated with their appearances. For this reason and for its comprehensive training: Ideas del Sur, Grupo Televisa and Disney Channel Latin America the summon to star in "Ugly Duckling, the prettiest history" series that enjoyed enormous success throughout Latin America and some European countries; by which Laura gets in Argentina's nomination as Breakout Espectáculos2 Clarín Awards and the Martin Fierro Awards.

The CD of the series, were published by the EMI label, in which Laura has extensive involvement, were the best seller in Argentina in 2007 and 2008, receiving the first of the album won Best Children's Album in the Gardel Awards music.4 addition to the album was awarded the Gold Record and Platino5 6 and told the soap's nomination for the Emmy Awards.

SHe shared the stage singing a duet with renowned artists such as Belinda, Juanes, Patricia Sosa, Natalia Oreiro, Lourdes Fernandez, Juan Darthés, Roxana Carabajal, Mery Zeta, and with the cast of Ugly Duckling, was the prelude to the American youth popular show "High School Musical "at presentation in Argentina.

Her versatile musical training also allowed the Choir sing with Kennedy, as well as being accompanied by Master Lito Vitale and up to the European scene in the "Concerto di Natale of RAI, Italy".
In 2009 and 2010, is organized by the European market to continue developing his career in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

After participating in the Telefilm Festival in Milan, was invited to several TV shows in Italy as "Chi has incastrato Peter Pan" led by Paolo Bonolis and "The Ant" and "The Ana Rosa Programme" in Spain.

After that, co-stars Mediaset TV Movie for "Un paradiso per due" with Vanessa Incontrada, directed by Pier Belloni.

In 2010 the Fox group, the summons to drive the teen magazine "World Teen" Utilísima Satellite signal. That same year, she participated in the Italian film "Natale in South Africa" ​​by Aurelio de Laurentiis.

During 2010 and 2011, Argentina is the only artist to headline the cast convened the theater shows "Ugly Duckling", touring Italy, Spain and Greece in more than 100 shows in over 40 European cities.

At the end of 2011 participates in stellar form in the Spanish film "Maktub" by Paco Arango, which also co-sondido band plays original film, which was nominated for the Goya Awards 2012. This film premiered in Argentina under the name of "Change of plans." During the same year, starring the trailer for the television series "Lola, Muse Apprentice".

During the European summer of 2012 leads the "Giro Giro Tour", aired by "Super!" Italian De Agostini Group.
Since July 2013, plays the character of Merlina (Wednesday Addams) in the musical "The Addams Family" at the Opera City theater under production T4F (Time for Fun).