His recent trip to Brazil for the World Youth Day (WYD) was a success for the pope Francisco, according to both observers and experts from around the world.

Nearly five months after being elected to the throne of Peter, Pope Argentina is at the peak of its popularity due to its closeness to the people, his informality, his humility, his austerity, his determination to clean up the central of the Church and, above all, for his message in favor of the poor.

But also being strongly attacked by conservative sectors and very minor ultratradicionalistas. From the beginning of his pontificate, when he refused to leave the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica with the hood (red layer) without the gold pectoral cross, was charged demystify the papacy. We criticize their rejection of the formality and pomp, not going to live to the department Papal Apostolic Palace and other unorthodox gestures.

To this is added his unpublished and conciliatory statement about gays, pronounced during a press conference in unfiltered plane bringing him back to Rome. "If a person is gay and seek the Lord and has good will who am I to judge?" Said Francisco, first pontiff to say the word "gay" and that defined homosexuals as "brothers".

Perhaps this statement caused uproar in environments that until ultras Francisco earned a victim of an anathema, ie excommunication from Elias Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate leader, faction proclaimed by seven bishops of the Orthodox Church Ukrainian Greek-Catholic in 2011. Why launched an anathema against Francisco? Because abused his position as head of the Catholic Church to violate the laws of God. "He promotes homosexuality immoral mentality" that is "contrary to the essence of the gospel and destroys all moral values," Elijah cried as anathema launched today 2.

"Francisco Bergoglio is therefore excluded from the Mystical Body of Christ," he said. "Every bishop and priest, as well as every Catholic believer, are required to dissociate the apostate Francisco," he says.

But the excommunication-apostasy against Ukrainian Catholic Byzantine patriarch Francisco is not as severe. This is the leader of a tiny group that has already excommunicated and declared anathema against Benedict XVI, John Paul II, the cardinals and bishops who attended the interfaith meeting in Assisi in 1986 and 2011, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I and the Moscow Patriarch Kiril, among others.

"Some believe that this group is related to the Ukrainian secret service can hardly be taken seriously," he told THE NATION a Catholic prelate expert on the subject.

Yesterday, the daily La Repubblica said the growth in network blog networks ultras nor hide his anger against Latin American pope gay friend.

"His words are the tangible sign of existential disorientation wobbling legs and hearts of the faithful", shoot messainlatino.it blog. In it, ultratradicionalistas is shocked with photos of the final Mass of World Youth Day in Copacabana showing priests who give communion from plastic cups.

Images that turned the world and confirmed that Francisco is a single dad with a high popularity, never seen without serious opposition, visible at this time

Source: The Nation