Every day millions of women around the world complain that their partners do not pay attention when they speak. Scientists seem to have the answer to this eneigma: women have a longer intonation and a higher tone of voice, which tires the man.

According to Carlos Silva, professor of neurology at the Hospital of the University of Chile, the pitch of the female voice inflections has a number of more complex than the male, so to be deciphered requires activation of a larger number of areas of the cerebral cortex, resulting in increased energy expenditure and brain, therefore, a greater fatigue. That is, we listen to women too tired.

In parallel, the study's author emphasizes that one should not conclude that women's brains are better or worse than men. "It's as simple as that women are more and better vocabulary, tend to talk faster and have a wider range of tones than men, which to be further developed, mathematical, logical, analytical choose to talk less, slower and in a more flat, "he said.

According to Ricardo Alvarez, coordinator of voice at the University of Development, the voice of the Chilean is the most shrill in Latin America. "This is because since I start talking imitate prosody or melody spoken," he said.