Two months after bleaching romance, heartthrob and the actress would not be having a good time. The magazine Paparazzi claims that are on the verge of separation.

The romance of Eugenia Suarez and Nicolas Cabre was so explosive in its beginning and it seems that now it is much more. Although newly bleached his love for two months, the issue of a possible love triangle when the actor was still married to Eugenia Tobal remains under suspicion.

First there were some pictures of the heartthrob in the department of the former Teenangel, the beautiful model was later confirmed that when he visited Stellite, the character does in his Mammon Jey proprietorship. Then came the pictures of a sort of honeymoon in the Mexican Caribbean, although they enjoyed before New York.

While she continues to make several advertising campaigns, Nicholas is currently working on. The last thing he did on television was in The Unique, the cycle that ended earlier this year.

As reported in Paparazzi magazine published its last edition on a crisis of the couple. Apparently there were several friction between them and that would have eroded the relationship. Moreover, as published, Nico and Euge had everything ready to go on a trip to Cordoba and stay in cabins far removed from divine gaze of onlookers, but the situation would be more on the brink of separation for a romantic trip.