The shirt for sale in crocktees.Viajar plane can be cumbersome, especially before grabbing the flight: Find and book the ticket, prepare the case, appear at the airport with enough time ... So it must be annoying to not let you get on board, but especially if the fault is the way you dress.It happened last week to an American woman (unidentified) that, when mounted on an American Airlines flight from Washington, had to stay on land because of a controversial T-shirt, thanks to this story, has become viral and it is known in much of the world.The problem arose from the phrase that was printed on the garment. "If the Government would like to have in my belly, have intimate relations with a senator," he said in protest at the initiative of an Oklahoma lawmaker, who proposed a law against fertilization of eggs."I was already seated in the plane, with a seat belt, right next to me was another woman who praised me for taking her, was when a flight attendant told me I had to talk to the captain to assess whether the contents of the article was offensive or not, "he told the Health Blog HR American Reality Check. The captain decided that no, they should not have let her go, and from there began the trouble.While the controversy was spreading through the network, American Airlines defended by reference to their legal, by which "the airline can refuse to let go, or may expel a flight for many reasons, that includes you're dressed in a manner that may offend other passengers. "Now, in addition to the criticism of the company, the shirt protagonist has become one of the most popular on the network. In fact, is on sale at a price of $ 20 and all colors. Surely, the protagonist never imagined that would raise dust.