They are the couple's most sought after photographers. From the moment you spoke to Eugenia Suarez would have a romance with Nicolas Cabre shot flashes. Those involved were tired of denying love, but now appeared a photo that could betray them.

The story is very complex since it involves two people: Eugenia Tobal and Nacho Viale. She was the wife of Nicolas Cabre, a marriage that did not last. In the summer Tobal appeared in the media alone and sad. Even she was encouraged to tell (in a very brief) pain.

In the other corner was Nacho Viale and Eugenia Suárez who finished after years of love. At that time came into play Nicolas Cabre. He even said that the actor was part of the breakup of China with Nacho. Soon the grandson of Mirtha Legrand and his ex denied the rumor and even joked with him.

Soon Now Magazine published a picture of Nicolas Cabre is leaving the department Rovira. The puzzle takes shape. The above image is the cover of the magazine. The visit came on Friday and photographers as the leading man left the apartment only on Saturday. What will Tobal and Viale?