She spent an hour and a half in front of the little camera of her home netbook, answering questions and telling unpublished data to her fans.

There's intimacy was China, answered questions and made ​​some interesting statements. Some of them: "My face is more like a cookie that is, quite rounded for my taste."

Told: "I am with my best friend Agus but do not want to appear. We are looking for singing Dreaming" talked a lot about his dog: "Snoring is Apollo, my French bulldog, I'm not sleeping with anyone here next."

He also talked about her new look: "I'm more blond, I became a smoothing and so it looks like." And he showed his good humor: "I have ADD, I find it hard to concentrate."

The young actress, girlfriend of Nicolas Cabre, spoke with colleagues Emilia Attias, Maria del Cerro, Nico Vasquez, Gimena Peter Accardi and called Lanzani, but not attended to what she said: "He must be sleeping." His followers on Twitter asking him to call Cabré, but ... could not be possible.

After Twitcam, a message from one of his fans, summed up what I said: "doubts remain qe @ chinasuarez in love? Locooo live love, bye to the vibe, encantaaaa me."

China, meanwhile, on Saturday morning in 140 characters: "Love love love love love love love love love love ... GOOD DÍAAA" ¿responding to the comment above?

Another response intereantes the young actress went to the comment: "Give months the ratio of @ chinasuarez and Nico Cabre, is only separated obbbbbbbbvioooooo." The China quipped: "Maybe, you never know what can happen. I appreciate the good vibes and your time of life to give me advice! Kisses."