Leaving aside all the predictions about the case of Megaupload and its closure, Judge David McNaughton Megaupload handling the case announced the possibility that reactive Megaupload business from another city or country outside the U.S. jurisdiction, and clarified that this escaped the control of the court. "Simpler, told the U.S. government, which he does in other parts Megaupload World is not your problem.

This is coupled with that of the four executives who were arrested from Megaupload last week in New Zealand accused of promoting online piracy, two were released on bail today after a hearing at which it was determined that Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato represent a low risk of leakage of the country.

Dotcom Kim, who was denied bail and will be detained and awaiting trial to proceed against him. For the court, he does represent a flight risk.

With regard to U.S. concerns that the freed men return to their duties, Judge David McNaughton said that "the ability to revive the business from another point outside the jurisdiction of the United States, escaping the laws of his Court.