Nicolas Cabre was born on February 5, 1980 and raised in Mataderos, Buenos Aires city, Argentina, in a poor home with his brother Duilio, his taxi driver father and mother teaching auxiliary. He bought an apartment where he went to live alone, three blocks from his family home.

Although he had promised his father to finish high school, could not. Nor never studied theater. Nicholas is not stopped working. At ten years old her mother was pleased to note this in an advertising agency and got what he wanted most at that time: one of the dancers from the leading children's program Flavia Palmiero, "The wave is a party."

Then came a more or less important in Son of Ten and several more in The baby sitter club and nine moons. In 1995 he was given a revelation ACE award for his participation in the work thing in common, which starred Ricardo Darin and Ana Maria Picchio. And he likes to say, the light began to fire stairs. After stomping went on television, but also in film and theater. On the small screen was recruited by the team where Suar out yet because it feels comfortable.

In movies, starred in Brain Drain, Let Yepeto and running. And in theater with Dario Grandinetti made ​​a stage version of Burning Patience by Antonio Skarmeta, entitled The Postman.

Cabré killed by cars. Instead of going shopping, you could stay for hours hanging around the dealership. Opened a bar in Palermo Viejo. It is called Dubai, the name of the African city with the largest artificial wave in the world.