Lionel Messi is one of the most harassed by the public, both in Barcelona and Argentina. While not refusing to sign autographs or take pictures, this time had a bad drink, because of his bodyguards.

Lio was on his way to celebrate with Barca squad and a subtracted from the Catalan city, where the tangle of fans looking for a picture with the crack, a member of technical staff faced a Barça fan.

First the young man came to Messi and took his shoulder to take off the picture. That's when Pepe Costa, a former player who is dedicated to protecting the members of the Barcelona fan who asked not to play. There began a discussion that ended in a scandal in the Spanish sports media.

"It relaxes me," he told the fan to the bodyguard, while showing him a necklace that you could see the shield of the club.

Messi finally agreed with some tense face to take the photo. But once the snapshot, Costa did not accept that the fanatic had his way, and stayed for a long time recriminating gesture.

Messi, meanwhile, stood in the way to the restaurant reclamándole leave him alone. Given the refusal of bodyguards, Lio left dazed.