Zaira Nara, who took a break from your vacation in Punta del Este with her new love John "Pico" Monaco, to get to Mar del Plata as the face of a major cola brand, spoke about their present feeling with the Diarioelatlantico player for the site.

"For all we went through and by the age that I have, this year I matured more than any other girl of 23 years," the brunette confessed.

In a clear reference to his marriage frustrated with the player Diego Forlan and transcended and opinions circulated for months about it, the model said: "These are things that you risk life and these are the results it finds on the fly ".

Luckily "the year began and ended with a stormy sun ... in the happy God" metaphors about loving moment live.

He added: "It was a year of many changes and intense but always, whatever happened, I looked forward and finding the positive side to everything."

"I'm fine. At times focalicé in my family, friends and people I love and everything was fine. One always ends up finding what I needed, "he said and clarified that" I care a bit what happens to me inside, taking advantage that I have much to tell at work. "

What do you tell if it is cross Diego? Will we see? How fell flags crossing between Uruguay and Argentina during the World Cup? were preferred not to answer questions that the media present in a photo shoot by the sea, but did refer to his alleged encounter with Vito casual Saravia, the current girlfriend of her ex: "There is no rivalry," he said. "The only time I saw her was in" The Kitchen Show "but no more. Comparisons were always and will continue to exist in this environment, so I'm prepared, "he added.

He confirmed that he lived despite "no marriage disbelieve" and announced: "I live at the pace I 23. I do not want to advance nothing more to live outside. I want both internal forecasts. "