The list, created by the Nielsen company, are Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter among others.

In 2011, Nielsen announced a famous company that is responsible for conducting measurement studies over the Internet, the website was the most visited Google.

The announcement of Google surpassed Internet star of the last two years, the social network Facebook and its competitor in the field of search engines, Yahoo.

According to Nielsen surveys, Google received an average of 153.4 million visitors in the U.S. alone each month. Meanwhile, Facebook was visited by 137.6 million unique visitors per month. In the third place was Yahoo, which was visited by 130.1 million per month.

After the three websites that took over the podium of the U.S. visits, pages are located MSN, WindowsLive and Bing from Microsoft, which received 115.9 million unique visitors. YouTube subsequently placed 106.7 million.

The numbers achieved by Twitter however, failed to approach the most visited sites, the growing microblogging social network, only visited by 23.6 million unique visitors a month, six times less than Facebook.