A federal police died while chasing a suspected criminal, falling from eight meters high from the roof of a property, in the streets of Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Lugano.

The incident occurred last night, when cash, serving at the Federal Police scuffled with the alleged offender on the roof of a house, and fell into the void from eight meters high.

According to reports yesterday about 20:00, police in the jurisdiction of the Federal Capital 48th, the officer in question began a pursuit of a felon by the roofs of some houses.

Once I reached was braided in a struggle with the offender, and circumstances still under investigation, the officer fell into the void from the ceiling.

In falling, his head hit the floor, and though he was rushed by helicopter to the Hospital Churruca, cash transfer and died before entering the guard, according to the above.

So far, it is unknown if the cash fell to suffer a stumble or was pushed by the alleged offender.