After three days hospitalized, the President of Argentina withdrew from the Southern Hospital without a diagnosis of cancer, according to the medical report. Just found "follicular adenomas", which will not require radioactive iodine supply.

The President received a medical discharge after surgery in which he was removed thyroid, last Wednesday at the Hospital Austral, Pilar, and after confirmation of their ultimate evolution the president withdrew by helicopter to the residence of Olives .

The full text of the medical read by the Secretary of Public Communications, Alfredo Scoccimarro, at the gates of the hospital, said: "The Presidential Medical Unit is pleased to announce that the Southern Hospital team on behalf of Dr. Peter Sacco, head Surgery, Daniel Grassi, head of the Department of Internal Medicine, and Dr. Eduardo Schnitzler, dicrector physician, reported that histopathologic study confirmed the presence of nodules in both lobes of the thyroid gland "of the President," but dismissed the presence of cancer cells by modifying the initial diagnostic puncture. "

The final histology was reported as "follicular adenomas" and, according to this favorable diagnosis, the TT believes that the surgical treatment is not necessary enough radioactive iodine administration.

"The President's Office and is normally rested in excellent condition overall."

"Based on this report, the team attending physician has authorized the discharge of Dr. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Signed: Dr. Luis Ballesteros Bonomo and Marcelo. "

The statement added that "the President of the Nation and his family are grateful to all persons, citizens, activists, national and international personalities for their show of affection and concern for their health. It expresses its appreciation to the professional team that stepped in and and all staff attended the Southern Hospital for their warmth and affection in-patient treatment. "

And the text ends stating that "the President's Office, thanked God and all the people of Argentina for the blessings received."

After reading the last medical, Cristina received a medical discharge and retired helicopter with their children Florence and Max, from the headquarters of Austral, Pilar Hospital, at 11.07, to the presidential residence in Olivos.

Source: "PRESS"