A few months ago the actress Brenda Asnicar, 20, appeared next to the footballer Carlos Tevez, in a relationship that lasted quite a bit, but managed to draw the attention of local and international press.

Following its successful passage through the sole, Brenda traveled to Punta del Este, as it does every summer, though, this time was different because their steps are being followed by photographers who are there.

Brenda was a big celebrating the new year on the beach and shared the celebration with another beautiful young actress, Eugenia Suarez, but the next day was at sea with an actor who was seen jumping around, hugging and cuddling.

People magazine reported, Brenda was with actor Rodrigo Velilla, 23, one of his former colleagues Ugly Duckling. This guy is defined as "Mar del Plata, singer, actor, dancer, lover of life, curious, talkative, self-taught, witty, creative, lively and headstrong."

¿Boyfriends or just friends?