The guitarist and lead singer of Metallica, James Hetfield, choose from a few years ago Punta del Este to spend your holiday, thanks to the influence of his wife Rosario, Francesca Tomasi.

The musician has always kept a low profile, but Sunday was his son Castor to get ice cream at Freddo Jose Ignacio and, although he was friendly with the fans who came to greet him, lashed out against the paparazzi piedrazos .
According to El Pais newspaper account of Uruguay, one of the Hello magazine photographers, Gaston Renis even denounced him at the station 13.
"The guy was making ice cream. It was a difficult situation to react that way. Even the people who passed greeted him, because he immediately recognized, "he told El País the photographer.
Hetfield was walking on a scooter on Sunday, until he came to the parlor. When he noticed the presence of photographers outside the premises, down the two steps to the street and took some stones that showed no more reporters. "It was totally out," one of them later.
The incident caused no more than a dent in the car of one of the photographers, who filed a complaint against the musician in the local police station.
When the police reported the incident to the Judge of turn, this will elevate ordered all records related to the fact. Hetfield might be going to respond now by reaction of unprecedented violence on a platform.