President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said that bilateral cooperation between Venezuela and Argentina "will continue because we think the same way," a "political project with social inclusion."

"The business relationship and brotherhood between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Argentina comes from the moment they met two presidents said in relation to Cristina Kirchner and Hugo Chavez, and then continue and we will continue because we think the same way, "said the president.

Speaking at the hall of the palace Miraflores Nestor Kirchner, the seat of government of Venezuela, Cristina stressed that both governments support "a political project with social inclusion, in a project that brings together the great majority of the assets of those who lacked for so many decades ".

"We believe that one way to deepen this process of social inclusion, and lift millions of South Americans in poverty has to do with a growing process of integration," added the Argentine head of state, accompanied by Chavez.

He then recalled that "we in 2003 decided that South America was our place," and said he was "increasingly convinced of the need to integrate the efforts of the whole region is really privileged."

According to Cristina, "all that we have received, natural resources, human resources, capacity, energy and food, water, everything must be used by us for millions of South Americans have a better life."

However, it was beyond the region, stating that Latin American governments can also "collaborate with the global economy because we are not selfish, because we always wanted to colonize us, and despite this we are a people of peace We do not want anyone to colonize. "

"In fact, he said, and we are working with the world economy, because we are emerging that we are supporting global growth."

He immediately said that besides working with the global economy, "we want to promote new paradigms, such as growth including and without subordination to others, in a multipolar world, you have to respect diversity and cultural pluralism, religious and political, without losing identity ".

Finally, said, "because we believe in these goals is that we are visiting here to our friends in Venezuela", and stressed: "The agreements are important, but more important is to share the same goals and believe in the same paradigms.

President's speech came after four hours of discussions with Chavez and members of his cabinet, in which the president was accompanied by a delegation headed by Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and Industry Minister Debora Giorgi.

Cristina arrived at 12.30 (local time, 14, Argentina) at Miraflores Palace, where he was received by Chavez, with whom he reviewed the troops of the National Guard of Venezuela dressed in period costume.

After sharing a working meeting and lunch, the processions were devoted to put the finishing touches to the nine bilateral agreements on energy, trade, industry, science and technology, housing, food and social development.

During his visit President Chavez inaugurated the lounge next to the Miraflores Palace Nestor Kirchner, who will this Thursday host the deliberations of the Council of Ministers of Venezuela.

This Friday, in time to confirm, Cristina maintain a bilateral meeting with his Brazilian colleague, Dilma Rousseff, and attend the inaugural meeting of the CELAC.