Meals and exotic drinks are in the whole world. Every culture uses its own ingredients and recipes based on them produce original and creative. However, many of them can border on uncomfortable. For example, try a bacon vodka or wine mouse?

El Universal published a list of 10 most disgusting alcoholic beverages in the world.

Pizza Beer

Some people like to eat a pizza accompanied by a glass of beer, but I imagine the two together. Americans created Tom and Anthyena Seefurth pizza beer, which contains rye, garlic, tomato, oregano and a hint of malt.

Mouse Wine

Eastern is a beverage considered an excellent remedy for various diseases. You just have to put a dead mouse to drink rice wine fermented in one year. For its healing powers take effect when taken is also recommended to eat the rodent.

Bacon Vodka
It's like pouring a glass of vodka normal. The difference is that instead of the fruit adds a piece of bacon, which gives a peculiar and strange flavor.

Snake wine

This drink is known for healing a lot. To prepare you must put in a bottle of rice liquor, some herbs and essential, a snake dripping poison. It is consumed in Asia.

Stuffed animals
This beer is a common, but its uniqueness lies in the containers, which are made with real animals stuffed. Sold in the U.S. and Canada in a presentation consisting of 12 bottles squirrels and rabbits.

Blood and milk cocktail

It is a ceremonial drink produced based on cow's milk and blood. It is served warm and is consumed mostly by the Masai people in Tanzania, Africa. It has a very strong alcoholic load it is combined with a local alcoholic beverage.

Liquor three lizards

This drink comes from the superstition of some Oriental peoples. What you do is put in a bottle of liquor three reptiles and go. It is believed that whoever is endowed consume more energy.

Cow urine

It is popular in some native communities in Kenya. Apart from the urine of the cow, also has other herbs that can only be achieved in these distant lands. This drink is believed to correct liver function and protects our immune system.

Beer-scented chocolate donuts

It is a drink containing sweetened dark cocoa husks, malt chocolate. It fabic in Mexico and has a hint of caramel, making it the perfect accompaniment to the dishes to be consumed during the holiday season and New Year. It has an alcohol content of 5.7%.

Seagull Wine

This drink is very easy to prepare, all you do is put a dead seagull in a bottle with water, close it and let it ferment in the sun