At age 11 she was diagnosed with deficiency of growth hormone.

Unfortunately the club did not have enough money for the expensive treatment he required (approx. $ 900 per month).

It was then that Barcelona coach Carles Rexach, notice the good play of the boy and signed him;

Barcelona signed him, offering to pay the expensive treatment he needed only if Leo was moving to Spain.

It was at this club where he grew up football and it was there that he recognized.

In short in Spain gave him everything that he could not be here to give.

He could choose to peacefully there.

Play your choice and shine like a Spanish world figure ..

But NO, he chose this selection.

Too bad there are some ignorant people say "He is Spanish" just because it does not perform in Argentina as in Barcelona.

But anyone who knows anything about football, you know that if he does not play like Barcelona because they do not have the same playmates.

I end this post with a humble last words.

Messi, the Argentine who we really are, you BANK!