He traveled 300 kilometers by bicycle to meet the woman who broke his heart using Facebook

His is Fernando Olavarria Coscia and reached from Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since he is in her town, tried to contact his social network beloved "but she appears as disconnected."

"Not many people doing 300 kilometers each day for love," says Fernando Coscia, a 26-year-old went on a long bike ride from Cañuelas to Olavarria, to meet the woman he fell in love and he met through Facebook.

The love lives in Ranelagh - Berazategui game from your city, and took a train to Cañuelas. From there, he traveled another 300 miles by bicycle to reach Olavarria, "I left on Thursday at eight o'clock and arrived on Friday. Only because I stood on Saladillo grabbed the storm. Since Friday I am looking for but do not know where he lives, "he said.

"It's the first time I have so many miles, but I thought I got it and why," said Fernando. She did not know was coming here. Now he knows that he was looking for. "But I can not find it anywhere," he lamented.

Since arriving in the city, tried to contact his love for Facebook, "but she appears to be disconnected, so I came to the media," he concluded.

Now he hopes to find the girl before returning on Wednesday its return trip to their city.