Macarena Lemos, like Lionel Messi, was born in Rosario. They met six years ago in the Santa Fe city and she gave several notes at the time, having the relationship he had with the crack. But now, the young model surprised to sue the mother of a striking idol episode that would have lived during the weekend. in a supermarket in the  Santa Fe city. Fact that the star's family came out to deny Barcelona quickly.

- How was the meeting with Cuccitini Celia's mother, Lionel Messi?

'It was an unpleasant episode, I did not give reasons above. It happened before my mother in a supermarket in Rosario. She filmed me while I was humiliated and had in his hand a frying pan, I do not know if it was to defend herself or hurt me. It is the third violent episode that I have with his family.

- When did this happen?

-On Sunday evening. As we live in the same area, we are there in the supermarket. She grabbed a pan there and instead of telling me to talk came to attack me. I began hunting with the phone and the pan. I filmed and took pictures of me while I'm saying that either. Skidded. I have no quilombera profile. But I talked to my lawyer.

- How long is your story with Messi?

-I met him six years ago when both were starting our careers recently. We knew the neighborhood, I wanted to see because I was in Rosario. If I like it, up to him. To me he liked me and nobody can put a legal muzzle that. He made his life became boyfriend and went ... and I also had a boyfriend. I never said I was his girlfriend.

- Why then would have been the reaction of the mother to you?

I do not know why. I just found it there and this happened. Anger will come out in the programs, but I would not do anybody any harm. I am afraid for myself and my family.

- How were the other two violent episodes that Messi mean by family?

-One was a collision with his brother, which I prefer not to please, and another a message via Facebook's younger sister. They will be Messi, but I Lemos. I was surprised because I had a picture of them and now show me another. I wanted to stay with a good memory. And now I think, "poor boy, the mother is making such a mess here and he in Spain." Sorry, but I can not let go.

'But Messi's family rushed out to deny the fact ...

'I have witnessed and are security cameras at the supermarket. In addition, she was filming me while I was a nobody said that and told my mom that she did not know the things I did. But the reality is that she does not have to import the things I do, nor did your child does.

- What was your reaction at the time of the meeting?

-I will not disrespect in that situation. My mom wanted to defend myself, but never resort to violence. I am very tense, but otherwise quiet because I'm not doing anything against the law, much less. It's all in the hands of justice and the lawyers, I already made the complaint.