With his head putting himself into his new role as coach, Diego Maradona did not stop the training nor the day of his birthday 51. The Argentinian star led the team practice Arabic, which is leading the league, and appeared after training for the Ten surprises.

Two giant cakes waiting for Diego in the locker room, a dedicated club leaders, with a giant ball and T-Wasl Argentina and intertwined, and he devoted fans of the club, with a picture of Diego with clothes coach of Wasl and the phrase "Happy Birthday Diego, I love you" in a Castilian basic.

The fans also came to the training to express your love for the Argentine and gave him a team jersey signed.

That would also not be left out of the celebrations was his son, Sergio Aguero, who from England used his Twitter account to send a greeting to Diego. "For my father, the best 51!! # Felizcumplediego" Kun published using one of the Trending Topics on the social network in Argentina.