Quilmes While not deserve to lose the game, as River had not been much higher, equalized thanks to the team slept on Almeyda final. It was one at the Estadio Centenario de Quilmes. 

The joy was that Fernando Cavenaghi River. River tore suffering. Caruso's team squeezed, pressed and made millionaire was complicated, especially for mistakes made by Nico Domingo. 

However, a pass from Aguirre and a powerful definition Cavenaghi gave victory to a River did not deserve to be up. 

The "Chori" Dominguez woke up only in the second half and had very good chances of increasing the gap. However, River thought they had already won and not marked Telechea that became one of the last head. Almeyda's team paid dearly for falling asleep on the end.