"Within days, the situation will change completely in Bani Walid and Sirte, for us," said military spokesman of the National Transitional Council (CNT), Ahmed Bani, in a press conference in Tripoli. Bani predicted that all the cities which are controlled by Gaddafi loyalists fall to late September.

The northern part of Bani Walid is completely "under our control," said the spokesman on that region, being an enclave in the middle of the mountains, prevented the CNT forces continued to advance in the city.

According to local media, the retreat of the rebels in Bani Walid parts is related to that are paving the way for an air strike by NATO forces.

"We received orders to retreat. Shot several rockets.'ll Be back later," said Assad al Hamuri, one of the rebel fighters withdrawing from Bani Walid. Meanwhile, reported progress in their struggle to gain control of Sirte, noting that they have control over 70 percent of the city, situated on the Mediterranean coast, according to Al Jazeera television.