After six years of work, the Royal Academy of Medicine (RANM) presented the First Great Dictionary of Medical Terms in Spanish.

"Society speaks and lives in Spanish, and with it their health professionals had long been demanding a reference work that provides guidance on the increasingly complex world of medical language," he said yesterday in Madrid RANM president and Latin American head of the Association of National Academies of Medicine, Manuel Díaz-Rubio.

It is the first of its kind that incorporates features of the medical terms and Latin American Spanish, English equivalents include common errors and alert.

So as not to be confused salmonella (bacteria) with salmonellosis (the disease), or "euthanasia" with "assisted suicide" or will need to talk about "rash" and can say "rash" or "rash".

The dictionary, which takes into account the reality of Spain and Latin American countries, is also presented as "a tool to bridge the gap between medical professionals and citizens."