3 years ago Microsoft was offering U.S. $ s45.000 billion to acquire Yahoo and its market capitalization today is less than $ s16.000 million more ... and not fall for their participation in companies in Asia.
And not want to be saying that Carol Bartz must be among the most valuable CEOs who destroyed an icon of internet so quickly, I prefer to look at a Bloomberg financial analysis which takes into account the assets of Alibaba and yahoo YHOO Japan (which was always a "franchise" separate 100%) and I see something interesting, if I take the "analysts 'consensus' on the value of these operations, the action should be worth up Yahoo! u $ s16 so that a value of $ s12.8 in the market could make a hostile takeover and dismember finish one gets out ahead if they remain one of its operations. Too aggressive but to Carl Icahn should still be wanting to break away from the action and that is dangerous.

Source http://www.uberbin.net/