To intellectuals Kirchner open letter they missed the only 'self' would have been worth it, that after eight years of government moves swiftly K right, it was believed that remote or distant when the crisis occurred in 2001, is now a distinct possibility.

To borrow the language of K: Kirchner governance has been "functional right".

These eight years have left on a short list, an annual inflation of 25%, 82% rejection of the mobile to pay the foreign debt with the money from the Anses, a rate of 33% of the population below the line poverty, when the capitalists have made the biggest gains in history (both rural and urban areas, but especially soy and bankers), the growth of precarious employment and outsourcing, the country's energy depletion, as result of the defense of Menem privatization of YPF, a darling of capital flight of $ 66 billion, the attempted destruction of the popular movement through Moyano and Pedraza, Youth Association and The Campora, the Schoklender and Zanola.

This is not a 'project' that can excite the people it is the end of the day, indistinguishable from right-wing appeasement.

The K assumed in 2003 with the aim to restore a social order that was broken by the rebellions of 2001 / 2; right now comes to collect the results and fruits.

Elections in the City and Santa Fe have shown, however, something more: that the 'project' (if any) which boasts both charlatan has become a hostage of the right.

The ruling was destroyed in the national capital's election not only because it exhibited a candidate, Filmus, who was an architect of the largest privatization of education in Argentina (where he served Grosso, Decibe and Menem), nor because his co -pilot, Carlos Tomada, is a crony of the union bureaucracy and the infamous Jose Pedraza.

It was destroyed, too, because your device pejotista worked openly for the macrismo from positions of power that gave the Kirchner.

The dependence of K pejotista apparatus was illustrated further in Santa Fe, where the apparatus gave 70% of the votes at macrista Midachi-as evidenced by the fact that Del Sel falls to 14% from 35 members to picked for governor, while the list of members of the PJ up to 36% when running for governor took no more than 22%.

Who can be surprised then that Scioli has left, on Monday, to salute the outstanding macrismo election in Santa Fe and Del Sel note that clone their own path from boating to Kirchner, after having gone through the Menem administration and the duhaldista!

The Open Letter to Fito Paez and hide when 'self-criticism, "the friend of the' project ', Scioli and Macri, the' deposing 'represent the same interests. These are now converging to demand the abandonment of the "economic emergency" that so well served to a capital outflow to the 2001 crisis and to 'normalize' international economic relations, ie new debt with the World Bank as Macri do, Scioli and several governors (at usurious rates) - and produce rate hikes.

Scioli has now begun to be exhibited by the apparatus of the 'Youth mlitante' as his trump card-an obscene adaptation to the advancement of the right (Scioli also imposed an export release of wheat, the bread even more expensive and derivatives of the flour).

For some time the alleged left Kirchner unleashed a campaign against the Labor Party, accusing us of 'functional right'. But the facts are clear: the Kirchner has become the 'as' on the sleeve to advance the right.

In a regime in which the clowns govern-the politicians whose masks hide the capitalist interests they serve, nothing more natural than clown-turned-politician.

Bet politically by the Kirchner is not only making a commitment to political factions of capitalism is also promoting the advance of the call right, which calls for 'order' and 'freedom' (market and capital).

We call on workers to discuss with us the political balance and to draw conclusions which will emerge: admit that the 'project' is pure speech and demagoguery, and to respond to the advance of the right to defend our interests