Las Manos de Filippi - "Mountain Bike" (HD) from swat gorck on Vimeo.

Finally, Las Manos de Filippi was pleased and has premiered the music video for Mountain bike, the first cut of disseminating Mamanis Calesita of the new album that will show in the area around Cordoba Rock festival which takes place on 1 and September 2 in Space Quality.
The guest list to the clip, set in a circus, is headed by Brenda Asnicar, the former divine Ugly Duckling he held several inches of gossip following the romance he had with Carlitos Tevez just a few months ago.

The video was shot in the neighborhood of Agriculture under the direction of Tomas and Diego Veloso Lescano, and besides the beautiful brenda with the participation of Mariano Franceschelli and Martin "The Moska" Lorenzo, They Might Be Giants, do not sound featurings so strange from Jorge Serrano, brain "decadent" is the voice invited the original topic.

This last work was produced artistically Hands by Gaspar Benegas (LMF / / Kill) and co-produced by Martin "La Mosca" Lorenzo and Mariano Los Autenticos Decadentes Francescheli.

The album, which fuses different rhythms and styles, as is customary in the band, with the shares of Jorge Serrano (LAD), Mikel and "Mono" (Kapanga) and Picone Alejandro (La Vela Puerca), among others.
The CD comes with the DVD The TV is not enough, witness the band activity over the past three years. All for 50 bucks. To have it original.