We have received and thrown into the wastebasket, as appropriate, critical comments about the small, shoulder and some structural imbecility, I must say, the debate over liberalism and populism, Kirchner and the sea by car.

In principle it should be noted that all the controversies that are set out in blogs, books, publishers of newspapers and magazines, cassettes, long play and magazines, are a minority and relatively idiots, all of them, Laferrere is true that these issues are not discussed, peeeeeeeeeeero, but we must remember that in certain historical circumstances - namely, the truth can come out of the mouth of an idiot, the louse with that eye.

It is common that we all think we fulfill a transcendental role in this land, that Peron Peron did not feel a little piece, eh! and how Marx, Engels and Lenin walk around, ah ...?

Good but not, it seems that we have not been given (ay!) any of us mere readers, readers, writers, authors, who and who, the role of mass opinion leaders and then argumentative topics "transcendent."

That said, and continuing with post-election analysis and controversial minority and idiots, is that today we read Rodolfo Montes (pictured on the left side of Nestor), La Capital de Rosario:

Artemio López, a consultant to public opinion pollster and political analyst reviews the urnazo Cristina Kirchner in the primaries. In their offices Consultant Equis, the Federal Capital, received LaCapital with all the artillery of numbers, precision, passion and political humor.

Creator of a successful blog, www.rambletamble.blogspot.com.ar, Artemio as known in the environment, interferes with his thesis on the populist and progressive front headed by Cristina. Highlight the new national stage with the president as head of a block of "majority" and not "first minority," salutes the good choice of Hermes Binner and celebrates the demise of leaders like Eduardo Duhalde, Elisa Carrio and Julio Cobos.

"The Kirchner is popular and works as a 'catch it all," a diversity of ideology and social sectors. Now we see the rebuilding of space Kirchner's election, which was consolidated from 2005 with the victory of Cristina Fernandez on Hilda Duhalde, Chiche in the province of Buenos Aires by 3 to 1 in the primaries and 2011 increased to 4 to 1, "he said. To which he adds: "The populist Kirchner is pure and simple, with strong integration into the culture Peronist vote regains full of sensitive and picks up segments of so-called progressive metropolitan areas that had escaped from Kirchner in 2009

Source: http://rambletamble.blogspot.com/