Following the overwhelming support he got in the primaries yesterday, which took more than 50% of the vote, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner offered this afternoon a press conference at the Casa Rosada, the first in more than 18 months . He answered only five questions, accompanied by his running mate, Amado Boudou, and much of his cabinet. Awarded the victory to the management and labor. He stressed the voting system implemented in the primaries and the level of participation, which exceeded 2007 figures and 2009. He stated that dialogue with other political forces "must be given in Parliament."

Cristina joined the South Hall of the Government House at 12:15. Before answering the questions, said the method used in open primaries and the level of participation. "We have a very important institutional leap. The primary law allowed access to all political parties to the dissemination of the proposals. The single most outstanding and I am most proud is that we broke a record turnout. In 2007, 76.20% voted on the census, in 2009 76.79% and 77.82% yesterday attended the "the President said.

Throughout the conference was seen smiling, made jokes with the Minister of Economy, Amado Boudou, standing at his side, with some of the ministers and the secretary communications Alberto Scoccimaro. "We like Riquelme, happy," Cristina plotted. Furthermore, said that during the celebrations dedicated to him a "beautiful song," "Avanti Morocha" Knights of the Burning.

The first question, a radio journalist Del Plata, said the reasons for the victory. "I see it as recognition for management. I believe in a society that has been voted a management since 2003 with hits and misses, I think it is a recognition of the work is an accumulation of things ... "summed Cristina. And he warned: "I learned more from defeats than victories."

The President also was asked for dialogue with businessmen, trade unionists and other political forces. He said that "unions do not need any invitation to speak with this president" and said "it would be impossible to govern without meetings with businessmen and trade unionists." But he warned that "the dialogue with other political forces in Parliament should be given" where asked to approve the official project limiting foreign ownership of land, which he referred in his speech opening the regular meetings on March 1 . "The new way has to be agreed that these agreements are translated into everyday life issues. The agreement has to be materialized in institutional settings, "he explained.

Cristina would not advance any cabinet changes should be re-elected: "To make rabbit stew, first catch the hare." However, confirmed this morning received a call from the prime minister Mauricio Macri from Italy. "This time I asked him how he was dressed, he said he was with shorts," he smiled.

Despite the numerous reports of stolen ballots in yesterday's elections, the President ratified the voting system and minimized the benefits of the special ballot. "This is not mutiple Choice," plotted. However, future rule changes. "I'm not closed to any discussion."

The last press conference that the President had been on 3 February last year when it announced the appointment of Mercedes Marco del Pont as head of the Central Bank. This time there were only five questions, which forced the accredited journalists at Government House to do a lot.

The last question pointed to the global economic crisis. In this regard, Cristina said she sees "very concerned" the measures set forth in Europe and considered "like" the situation in some countries of the old continent to Argentina's 2001. He also noted that Argentina will meet the obligations for this year on debt and "after meetings in the region, this government will take appropriate decisions."

"This year we'll be canceling our obligations, which Central Bank reserves, and our policy has allowed us to have resources for the real economy, such as credits Bicentennial, among others," said the Head of State .

The leaders of the ruling party had received the directive not to discuss the results of the primaries until the President to do it again after his speech last night in the bunker K. And for that, Cristina was planning to wait until she was-almost-completed the provisional count of open primaries, simultaneous and binding in which took a long step on the road to reelection.

This morning, they were counted more than 95% of the tables. And the results remained unchanged. The President received more than 50% of the vote with a result that is even more favorable for the strong parity opposition candidates: Ricardo Alfonsin and Eduardo Duhalde still virtually tied, with 12.16 and 12.17%, Hermes Binner and was very close to 10.26%.

The formula Cristina Amado Boudou and ended taking a lead of nearly 38 points and making a choice even higher than that of Cristina in 2007. It also won most of the country except San Luis, with a turnout of 77.8%, similar and even superior-to other national elections.

Source: Clarín