An Italian woman claimed he was abducted by aliens many times in his life and was forced to conceive babies aliens on several occasions. To prove his claim, he shot the abortion of one of the creatures.

Giovanna, an Italian resident in Sardinia 41 years, told the television show "Mystery" of the chain R Media Set, who was kidnapped by a flying saucer when he was 4. Seeing the UFO in the sky, the woman walked toward that strange beings unconsciously and spoke to him and asked him to be quiet because it would do "something" with it.

But then came many other abductions and increasingly rough results, as told through tears in the documentary. Apparently, she became pregnant in 28 opportunities and came to film the last time when a fetus aborted strange appearance.

Giovanna told the program that was abducted several times in his life for periods of three to five hours, so as a teenager because her father believed it was challenging to sneak out with friends. The last time the fetus expelled after two months of gestation and the baby survived on their own but then stopped growing.

The woman explained that the aliens have "no feelings", but need the human race (the only one compatible with them) to create a hybrid capable of reproducing, as they were sterile due to radiation.