Carlos Tevez is "Player of the people," as defined himself some time ago. The "Apache" is all that sacred fire which has an Argentine fan within you and, therefore, is valued delivery to each ball to be played with Argentina.

"Hopefully I can see Charlie," released a lady in front of the premises of the AFA in Ezeiza. Despite the total secrecy surrounding the concentration albiceleste, some fans come to expect the miracle to touch the stars of your choice. But the main wish is to meet Tevez, the most loved.

The previous opening match between Argentina and Bolivia gave displays of unconditional love for the Argentine fan of Manchester City. Shouting "Carlitos, Carlitos," the city of La Plata stadium vibrated with every appearance on stage of "Apache" in the plush cube that is suspended from the ceiling. In the ranking of applause, Tevez made it back to Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano, Argentine other references.

However, the local press has been critical to the performance of Tevez in the first match of the Copa America. The function within the framework of forced Batista to "Carlitos" stick well to the line to open the field in attack, creating a tandem with the side and give Marcos Rojo option pass to Messi in the last 20 meters. Did not meet any of that.

Postpartum scores did not exceed 5 points in the print media and even some were harder on their observations. Moreover, it was noted that Tevez was about to fall off the list of Batista, and resolved by differences with the coach, and now has an almost immovable in the first team.

In addition, critics began to be directed towards the "Chechen" to be considered to make a mistake if the inclusion of Tevez as a starter due to the outcry.

Anyway, Carlos Tevez won the account of raising his call for America's Cup by dint of goals: he finished top scorer in the Premier League by the Bulgarian Berbatov, with 21 goals and is the first Argentine to reach this privilege British football.

Tevez leads today in the Argentine footballing environment, a long discussion between fans and the media.