About three hundred Uruguayans gathered Sunday to combat sex discrimination with a "suckers" as they called a passionate kissing, the door of a bar whose owners were accused of having expelled a gay couple for kissing her interior.

Gays, transsexuals, lesbians and heterosexuals, overwhelmingly young and convened exclusively through social networks, came to the door of the nightclub "Old Barreiro" in Montevideo, laughter, music and dancing, kissing to denounce homophobia which in his view still prevails in the country, one of America's most advanced rights for homosexuals.

This call, which ended with "suckers" among the participating couples, was detonated last weekend, when two boys who were celebrating a birthday in the place were ejected by security for a kiss, he explained Coitiño Mauritius, one of spokesmen for the organization of gay rights advocate Black Sheep.

"They were told not to kiss and had to retire. The boys said it was discrimination, but still the cast. Directly went to police station and lodged the complaint. Then he began to spread the word via Facebook and the idea to this activity, which decided to support Black Sheep, "said Coitiño.

Those responsible for the "Old Barreiro," Gambaro Mariano and Diego Fernandez, deny that extreme and believe that the two boys were expelled "for maintaining public attitudes obscene, something that goes beyond a kiss."

"We echo our public version of the matter because it is launching a judicial inquiry. We upset the public scorn for this, neither we nor the place have never been homophobic and we tucked into this media circus", said while waiting for the " suckers "in the interior of the premises did not open" because no one knows what can happen. "

More than 6,900 people had posted on Facebook that would go to the concentration, while the social network discussion by the event was filled with threats and insults both for and against the initiative that ultimately were not made.

In fact, the street call ended with a call for the "Old Barreiro" remains one more of the night in Montevideo, and that "a lot of money."

"This is not an attack on the Old Barreiro is a campaign of love with something that moves like a kiss. Serves the purpose of visualization and movement and civil society got out of its ghetto and manifest. We do not want ruin a nightclub (disco), but also could have gone out and kissing with his wife, "said Bruno Baumann, one of the organizers of the event.

In the end, "suckers" decided to complete his four particular parties protest spread throughout the city and mingled with the crowd of citizens at that time in the streets celebrating the passing of Uruguay to the semifinals of the Copa America team at the expense of Argentina.

Uruguay, a pioneer in having public education, secular and compulsory in the late nineteenth century, in recent years passed laws to allow homosexual marriage and adoption of same-sex couples who are also allowed to adopt children.

In Montevideo the gay community is fairly recognized and its bars and function without hindrance, although complaints about homophobic behaviors are becoming more frequent, according to its representatives