The world's most expensive island is on sale and available to anyone who wants to pay about $ 313 million for its owner.

Located in the archipelago of Las Perlas in the heart of the Gulf of Panama, the island has an area of ​​44 square kilometers and 1500 meters from shore.

It has an incredible atmosphere that resembles an eternal spring, has a variety of waterfalls, streams, 57 white sand beaches and turquoise waters, as well as amazing flora and fauna.

The eventual buyer will own the twelve plots and would have full control over its development.

It will also be the owner of a hacienda and an airstrip.

The archipelago where it is located is named after the Pearl because of the abundance of the stone that existed in the area and where there is the famous "Pearl Pilgrim" of Philip II and belonged to the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

In the early 40's, the United States turned the area into a military testing ground, so that the small human population that had moved and was inhabited only by toucans, iguanas, deer and wild boars and other animals.

The sale is in charge of corporate housing Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell (EWM), one of the largest in Florida, USA, who works with stars like Ricky Martin, Mel Gibson, Shakira, Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp.