While the performance is now separate, Lali, Dew, Peter, Kevin and Tacho are united in the voice of Teen Angels and presented her new song, just before his return to the Grand Rex.

"That gets your voice" is the latest issue of the band that appeared in the award-winning infant-juvenile strip Almost Angels. While this year had a change of members (left China and entered Suarez Rocio Igarzabal place), the boys were last night with the same magic as usual in the study of Susana Gimenez.

After his tour of Israel, Teen Angels return to the Grand Rex on 9 July, where he will present their successes and their new material.

Meanwhile, Lali Esposito and Nicolas "Tacho" Riera trials combined with the band with their new projects. She has already started the recordings of the novel When you smile I, with Facundo Arana, while Tacho is already showing his talent for dance in "Dancing with the Star